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Introducing Shed 136 @ The 3d Print House

What is Shed 136?

Over the last year, we have designed, manufactured and tested some of our own designs. Shed 136 is our shop for selling these products.

Why call it Shed 136?

Simply because not all of the things we have been working on are 3D printed. We have some more designs in the pipeline that we plan to make using other manufacturing methods that we have available in-house.

What is the reason for the name Shed 136?

136 is because our shop is at 136 Seabourne road. "Shed" is because sheds are great places to tinker and come up with new ideas.

Why did you not have this before?

When we first opened The 3d Print House in 2014, we wanted to make what people wanted, when they wanted it. With this in mind, we made example models to showcase in our shop to show off what can and can't be done with 3D printing, rather than to have products ready to sell.

This worked great for businesses and some people, but a lot of people wanted to buy things off of the shelf, the problem for us was designing, prototyping, iterating, and testing takes time. As orders grew from businesses, we found we often didn't have the time to dedicate to the whole process. We expanded our capability by over 300% and still found there would be no time to print our own prototypes!

Why now?

The pandemic hit, and everything went pretty quiet. This gave us the opportunity to work on some designs to make and sell.

Why not print and sell other people's designs, that they have shared online?

If you find a design online that you would like printed, we are happy to provide you with a quote for printing it, but the designers of these files didn't share them for companies to print and sell them through online shops.

Can I order online?

Yes, once we have finished a design and are happy with the testing, new products are uploaded to our online shop: Shed 136. You can choose during checkout if you would like your order shipped via Royal Mail, or if you would like to pick it up from the shop. If you would like to pick your order up from the shop, just leave us a message to say when would suit you best, and we'll see what we can do!.

Our online shop can be found here:

Can we come to the shop at 136 Seabourne road to buy things from the shop?

Yes, you can! We try to keep a small stock of everything in each colour, and we have our designs on display in our window.

We can only accept cash at the shop, if you wish to pay by card, you can do this through our website and select "pick up" as a delivery option. This can be done at the shop if you want to first take a look at what you are buying.

Please be aware though, that our shop is also a workshop, and we cannot guarantee that anyone will be available for unannounced visits. A call or an email before coming is definitely recommended.

Our normal working hours are 9am to 6pm, Monday to Thursday, and 9am to 2.30pm on Fridays.

Do you still offer bespoke 3D printing for prototyping, one off parts, or small batch production?

Yes, of course. We can offer printing in PLA, ABS and Carbon filled Nylon, as well as a range of resins printed on our SLA printers for higher definition.

We actually went to great lengths to modify some of our machines to print Carbon filled Nylon, which produces very strong, robust parts. This material is very much suited for use in production/end use parts, where the quantities required do not justify the costs associated with injection moulding tooling.

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