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We are able to handle anything from one-off prototypes to small batch production, with a range of materials available to us.

We offer FDM and SLA printing for strong robust parts, or highly detailed parts. Once we have received your files for quoting, we will make a suggestion on which would be most suitable, unless you already have a preferred option. Turnaround times are usually one to two working days, with prices starting from £6.

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If you have an idea for something that you would like to design, prototype and develop into a product but lack the CAD skills to get started, we have an in-house Design Engineer that can model your idea in SolidWorks and provide advice. Please get in touch to book an appointment so we can discuss your ideas and provide you with a quote.
All ideas discussed will be deemed confidential and your ideas will remain your intellectual property.



With 3D printing, as with other manufacturing methods, there are design considerations to ensure that you get the best from the technology, and these design requirements tend to be different for different 3D printing technologies. When we receive files for printing, we will take a look and offer advice if we think that a design is not optimal. 

We also work closely with other local manufacturing companies and can offer advice with taking your prototype into full production.

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